We offer offices and accomodation to rent, ready to use for Athens Olympic games on year 2004

I  S  O  B  O  X

PREFABRICATED BUILDINGS(S) to rent for offices, accommodation, storage places, well found, with electrical andhydraulic installation, air contition, furniture, w.c. etc. specially designed to satisfy clients needs.

Our professional knowledge together with the quality system ISO 9001 certified in our organization satisfies International assurance standards. Our objective is to support the high perfomance and function of our sports during the OLYMPIC GAMES ATHENS 2004.


for more information please contact us :


54, Aigialeias str., 151 25 Athens, Greece

Tel. 30 210 6108880

Fax. 30 210 6108881

E- mail : sales@kms.grok